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The 101 Plan is the only guide you will need to transform your body, lose weight, tone up and get fit; but if we stopped there, we would be letting you down! Your happiness is about more than how much you weigh or your dress size! That's why The 101 Plan is about all of you, helping you stress-less, feel fantastic, finding the time and confidence to love yourself and your body.

  • We all love variety and that's why every month you get an amazing recipe book packed with over 30 insanely good recipes
  • Learn the secrets to Eating out without undoing all your hard work.
  • Real-time workouts make it Easy to get active and shape your body.
  • Empowering Monthly tutorials, so you know what to doto change and discover your best you.
  • Calm your mind with guided meditations and mindfulness
  • Break out of the cycle of stress & guilt.
  • Support every step of the way from the 101 plan team.

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"I'm in the best shape I've been in for years and I feel so much better. I've learned so much and I'll never go back to how I used to be"


"The 101 Plan helped me not only to understand the incredible benefits of meditation - which made me feel compelled to practice - but to understand that I really can meditate anywhere!"


"The 101 Plan is fantastic, I never dread a workout or feel I have to push too hard. It has helped me to see meditation in a whole new light!  The calm guidance is invaluable."


"I love food!! I've dieted forever and I've finally found something that works in the real world. I love the swaps, I think they are my favourite thing, it's simple things I can do without even thinking or spending ages in the kitchen."


"I have been having sessions with Caroline after realising that stress is a major driver of my eczema. I wanted to approach my illness differently and look at managing my itch and sleep in a more holistic way. Caroline is wonderfully non judgemental, professional and curious about the story behind the problem. This has lead to my meditation practices being personalised and tailored to me. She is empathetic, compassionate and insightful about the various ways our minds impact our bodies. I would highly recommend her compassionate approach to health and well being, it has been an essential part of my recovery"






joining the 101 plan is the best decision you'll make!

The 101 Plan is all about helping you to transform your life, your mind, your body to become the healthiest happiest you that you can be.

The 101 Plan is different, it's about more than just your body!

As a member you get exclusive access to The 101 Plan Members Area where you'll get incredible guidance and support that builds up month by month so that you can change step by step - starting with the big things first!

There is no faddy diet nonsense, there are no banned foods, you don't have to spend your life in the gym or drinking celery juice! And, we know that nothing happens without having the right mindset, so we spend time helping you to be ready for success, enjoy the journey, find time for you and so much more!!

The best thing is you have our money back guarantee...if you don't love The 101 Plan in the first 30 days we'll give you your money back.

Enjoy eating out?!

Knowing what to pick on the menu has never been easier! Our nutritional survival guides show you how to eat out without blowing all your hard work!




Every month you get a new recipe book that's jam-packed with recipes for the kind of food you want to eat!! Recipes that are simple to make.

Eating out guides to take the guilt out of eating out.

Real world food - simple swaps and guidance to make it easier for you to get the body you want.

Real-time works outs that you can do anywhere tailored to your fitness levels, so that you can:
- Tone up your body,
- Lose body fat,
- Get more energy, and
- Reduce stress

The 101 Plan is about more than just your body. Having a heathy mind is just as, if not more important than being in shape physically, so as a 101 Plan member you will also have access to a range of meditations, guides and focused feel-good advice to help you in areas such as:

You are more than a body, you are an incredible person, and we want to help you to see that no matter what your body shape, you are already fabulous!

You've got a busy life, there are ever more social pressures, there is never time for you, and that's why we help you to break out of the cycle of guilt and stress.

Making Changes to your diet and lifestyle is exciting, but some days it can feel hard. We've got all the tips and techniques to get you through those difficult days.




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